The Poker Farm Presents: The Big Game IV

On their first day out, The Poker Farm gate crashed Matchroom's 48 hour cash game and provided a behind the scenes insight into events at Les Ambassadors Red Rooms. With Isuldur1 set for his first public unveiling, rumours were rife he would appear in a mask to protect his identity. Sadly, he failed to show, so The Poker Farm's Richard Adams uncovered an even more shocking discovery.... Andrew Feldman in a dress!! Matchroom's attempts to appeal to a wider audience by introducing Big Brother style evictions didn't go down too well with some of the players. Neil Channing was particularly critical and offered his own insight into what he thinks they could do to attract new viewers. We spoke to Sam Trickett who the Farm sponsored as well Phil Laak who provided a typically quirky insight into what mental strengths are required to spend 48 hours at the table. The Poker Farm also spoke to the big winners and losers from this televised event.


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