The Pokerfarm's WSOP RV

The Pokerfarm take you on a tour of our hired RV (recreational vehicle) used for the duration of the WSOP as a place for our players to relax, unwind or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the RIO card room.


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david says:

25th of June 2011

amazing vid!!

Eeva says:

25th of June 2011

Umm, I’m not sure how to tell you this but… You kinda don’t need to use any protection with cucumbers. Then again, how am I suppose to know which type of GMO cucumber the one seen on the video is... Well, better safe than sorry I guess. I’m new to your vids (and your cucumbers) but I can already see the appeal. Loving the accent too!

rurymason says:

26th of June 2011

EEva darling, If you feel like coming to Vegas you TOO can be in one of our videos... crying, surrounded by lube and rubbers... but THIS time we'll use a butternut squash. x

Sam Trickett says:

30th of June 2011

Good stuff boys....

John Scanlon says:

30th of June 2011

Hi Guys, Enjoyed that, makes me wish I was there.

Eeva says:

9th of July 2011

Rury, I love to be your darling. Thank you sooo much. Some lube, rubbers and crying... Is that a promise? And the butternut squash... (I bet it's made of some extra special GMO nuts.) Sounds like you’re planning on spoiling me! (Are you sure you can handle the spoiled me?) And all this taking place in Vegas?! You’re TOO kind. Well even if I don’t make it there, just keep on speaking Scottish. It’ll have the same effect on me. As they say, it’s not the English but how you use it. x

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