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May 3, 2011

Hi guys

For those of you who dont know me im Glenn and i have been a mentor with The Pokerfarm for the last 6 months or so.  Mentoring can be very hard,people think its easy to sit and watch other people and try improve and teach them how to play,but its a lot harder than you may think.  Firstly it has a impact on your own game for many reasons,you dont have the time to play that you would have if didnt mentor,when your playing its very hard to get time to yourself,its long long hours both playingand mentoring at the same time. From a mentoring side every single player is different-therefore you cant try and get them all playing your style. Its important that everyone has there own style and that as a mentor you realise this and adapt accordingly. The key parts are to find the player your mentoring weaknesses and work on that, which sometimes can be very hard with certain players. Alot of mentoring aswell is instilling confidence in players, when people play for a living the swings are the key,people have to be able to handle the swings of daily/weekly/monthly play and if they cant then is this the right job for you?. But its the self belief that is KEY and BELIEVING that your good enough.

Atn the moment i have a PLO and NLH group,people always say to me whats easier? This is different obviously for different people but my own experience of playing online is that up to 2 years ago NLH was easy and that now NLH onine is just a joke. I remember the days when i used to play $10/20 all day every day and didnt need to sweat,i was sat with people like peter eastgate who back then before he won the wsop was the biggest fish around. You could play any limit and the standard was terrible,people had no idea about pot control,equity,bet sizing.....But this has all changed in recent years with introduction of software tools,training sites etc.IMO NLH online is as tough as it gets at most levels-but more so at low levels like 1/2.You have to constantly keep ontop of your game to win...Where as PLO is completly different. The standard in general at most levels is pretty poor,if you want to win online on regular basis i would say PLO is your option if your adapt enough at playing it,but able to handle the swings. Even mentors like myself have sick swings,bad months,weeks,sessions... I will post some graphs up of last few months soon - as EV wise its incredible but thats PLO. Its long term game and the way forward for the time being for online play IMO.

In the past i have worked for few differnent companies who train players..I would like to say that The Pokerfarm is in its infancy so to speak in the UK,but its growing and growing. I for one in a few years can see ourselves being the leading company in the UK and possibly around for training,staking and other things so watch this space.....

I will start doing some regular blogs of online play,live play and mentoring so watch this space for Goss:)



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