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Jan. 17, 2011

Ok, here goes my first ever attempt at a blog.  Been asked by the gaffer (Arron) to provide one, so without really knowing what it should be about I will try to keep it short (improbable) and interesting (highly unlikely!)
Well, if you are still reading then i will briefly explain how i came to be here doing this.  Started playing poker probably about 4 or 5 years ago, but only socially at first. My old housemate taught me the basics & that was it, i was pretty hooked. Started playing a bit online shortly afterwards & that coincided with a couple of Poker Leagues starting up in the Warrington area which i used to go to once or twice a week.  One of the league's organisers did a "ROI" (Return on Investment) league table after the first season which i was top of & i soon started thinking i was Phil Ivey.  Not long after i qualified from 300+ runners for $5 into a $100 tourny on PKR.  This was huge for me at the time as my maximum had been like a $10 tourny.  Anyway, out of 500+ runners i somehow fumbled my way to 1st place and a prize of $1,700.  Looking back now I do wonder how the hell i won it cos I was a very ABC player at the time, hmmmm maybe that is the exact reason why i did win it !!   I dont remember much about it now but i do remember knocking out 2 people at final table in the same hand which took me a long way towards the 1st place.  I wish i had been able to use the winnings as a bankroll of some sort but if i'm honest i had no clue what a bankroll even was back then, & i was struggling for money to pay the mortgage on my house so none of the money went on anything extravagent. Although i think my girlfriend at the time got a nice handbag & pair of shoes out of it !!!
Hmmm, ok.... other bits of info in my poker "career" to date.  Oh yeah, i VERY nearly won $36,000 playing some Jackpot Sit n Go's.  Basically they are $5 to enter, 10 player tournys with standard Top 3 payout. However, if you win 5 on the bounce you win the jackpot which increases each week. Obviously it stood at $36k at the time. I won 4 on the trot, then came SECOND in the last one.  Oh my god, i was distraught for about a week after it !!   In fact, i can feel a little tear in my eye now about it as i'm writing this  hahahaaaa!!
I'm conscious i'm blabbing on a bit now.... so the rest of it involves me playing a few live small tournys locally/casinos, bit of cash games at casino & plenty of cash/small SnG's online.  Have always  kinda hoped someone would stake me as i thought if i wasn't worried about where i was getting the money from then it would help me open up & play a bit better
Which leads me to PokerFarm..... I get an MSN (i think) one night off Tyler saying he is moving back up to Warrington from Watford & is setting up an office right here.  Tyler knows me from playing live & he must have confidence in my play to put his neck on the line & ask me to play.  So, i wasn't sure what to make of it, so the next day we are texting back & too and he explains how it works.   Hmmmmm, very interesting!!!   So when he moves back up here & gets the house sorted, he calls all us 'potentials' for a meeting at the house.  He explains how it works then leaves it up to us to make the choice, and we can either play full time or full time.  I opted for the part time option as i was "in between jobs", finished as Store Manager with Phones 4u on 4th December & due to start with Jessops in same role on 4th Jan.  Nice month off for Christmas & time to get some hours in at the Farm!
Sooo, starting at the Farm.... Bit weird playing with "someone elses" money, kinda feel guilty losing a big pot etc !!    Also, trying to get used to Hold 'Em Manager was tricky at first although now i do wonder how i EVER survived playing cash online without it !!!!!  First month I only managed to do 11,000 hands due to the ridiculous snowy weather & it being Xmas etc!!    But my general feeling at the start of January was that I was just loving everything about the Farm, all the guys there are really down to earth & we often discuss certain hands etc as well as going over the hands from a session after we are finished.  As the start date for my new job was fast approaching it suddenly dawned on me that I really didnt want to go back to the life of a Retail Manager or any other "normal job", I wanted to be a poker player full time.  I sat down with Tyler & talked to him about it & he said i should definitely give it a go.... so thats what i did.  I told my Area Manager at Jessops that i wouldn't be starting the job & that was it.... i'm now a full-time poker player!!!   Hopefully for a very long time, or as long as the Farm will have me!!!
January again didn't start too well, felt like i was playing really well but lost quite a lot of big pots with things like KK vs AA, hitting top sets and getting outdrawn by flush draws etc etc !!!   So, I have moved down from 50nl to 20nl to try to steady the ship & as i write this I have just had my best session here to date, $225 up which is like 11 buy-ins!! 
Anyway, few of the lads have just got home from town & are a bit pissed & rowdy!!  Plus, its 5:30am so I'm gonna go home & get some kip ready to get back on the grind tomorrow!!!!!!

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2 Comments about Starting at thepokerfarm

Colin Broadhead says:

25th of January 2011

HI Andy nice to see you have ended up doing something you like and i know you like poker, I wish you all the best look forward to seeing you on the telly!!! cheers Colin

TheBusinessBrookes says:

3rd of February 2011

Love the fact I get a cheeky mention early on, the basics and playing what quite possibly was THE greatest poker table ever! How we concentrated on our hands with all the lovely lady shoulder boulders surrounding us I'll never know!!

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