UK to S.A and back again....

May 20, 2011

So...Poker has been horrible for the last 6 months, a combo of tilting, frustration and huge losses had really affected me and it seemed I would have to possibly find a new path in life.
Managing UK guys for a year had been going well and are group of players had been doing ok, with Mr. Martins swings bloating are figures up and down!

So the New Year starts and I am determined to make 2011 a successful year in poker. But once again January didn't go so well for me.......

I am then offered a chance to go to SA for a few months to help out with the running and filtering of the SA Farm players. So before I know it I'm on a plane and arriving in Cape Town not really knowing the task in hand.

My first few weeks in CT were learning stages, trying to get an idea on the players we had there and the way in which the farm had been run in the past. Having spoken to a few players online previously, I was surprised to see how many players we actually had there and the nature of the office itself.

My first job was to go over previously figures and let players go who had not been performing up to the standard we expect from them. With the help of the trainers in SA we now have a solid group of players, that I feel can do well moving forwards!!!

Lifestyle!! - The lifestyle in SA is much different than that of the UK, going from extreme to extreme in terms of the living standards. Million pounds houses and mental shaks 20 minutes drive from each other; I was shocked to see how some people were living out there, and the poverty in some areas.

My poker seemed to improve being in SA and started winning. I think having been working from home for a while and having no other winning players around me I had fallen into a losing circle. Being around other players, talking, watching and actually being around the game really helped me. Especially spending time talking and watching Sheldon play.

Now back in the UK my poker is still going ok. Determined to beat the ipoker games with help from Elliott and Adam!!

I will update my progress and results in another blog end of month.

Good lucks with the grinddddddddddddddddddddddd!

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