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Jan. 13, 2011

Hey guys,

Kai here from Warrington Pokerfarm, heres a little background info on me.

Started life as a sperm cell and then was bought into this world when my mummy and daddy....nah kidding! I started getting into poker when I was 13/14 years old. I would sneak downstairs after I had been sent to bed and watch freeviews on adult channels. To my surprise they only ran on the hour for 10 minutes! So in the meantime I started to watch poker. I had no idea of the rules or how to play but just watched it because of the huge amount of money that was at the table!

I quickly picked up the basics and taught my friends how to play. At school lunchtimes we would all play for a quid and on several occasions I would go weeks unbeaten, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Anyway, got to 15 years old and left school, had no idea what I wanted to do in life like everybody else but I didn't want to waste it going to college or uni spending 3 years studying a subject that I have no interest in. So I thought I'd give online poker a shot. I put on $50 using my own card and to my surprise, the deposit went through on Stars. Bam! So grinded out small SNG's for a while until I had a roll of about $51. Used $11 to enter the sunday major for micro stakes and binked 11th int he sunday 250k for $1500! Mind you, did bust out AK to A7 for 22 mill chips which was good for 2nd but hsbfyiwgbyergb. Only $32K up top.

From then on, I would just grind out micro MTT's with huge success, final tables here, there and everywhere. 3 in one night on a few occasions. I felt I had mastered the MTT world but I still wouldn't play any bigger buyin tournies because I didn't feel the need. I satted into a $109 that I binked 5th for a nice score but that was all. I knew the big consistent money was in playing cash! I started to adapt my game, read book after book, article after article and watch video after video. I felt I was ready. Now, what stakes to play. I have $5k in my account soooooo, yeah 10/20 seems cool. Sit down with 2 bags with players that I used to watch! Few hands in get dealt Q9hh, and I think this is where my poker career really started. This one hand set up my whole life playing poker.

I'm UTG playing 5 handed, I make it $30, guy in the SB makes it $110 - nutsinho (very good stars nosebleeder) and I call. Flop 942r. Check check, I thought this was super weird because I had seen him put in flop bets with sets and with air but I had never seen him check unless it was with the intention of C/R. So now I'm sure he will barrel the turn which was a Q. He does, 155. I decide to raise because now I lose to nothing except QQ/99 and if so then whatever. I make it 410 and he calls. The river peels another Q to give me the nuts. BINGO! He checks to me again but I'm sure he is check jamming here because the Q is a great card for me to rep as I raised the turn and I think he knows this. I bet 560 leaving about 900 or so back and he piles it in. I obv snap and he has 99! Wiiiiiiiiiii. So anyway, I insta leave the table. I get told by a few people I should look at bankroll management!

I agreed to play smaller stakes with my roll, and that stake was 1/2. From that day, I never looked at doing anything else in life. To date, I have played about 3 mill hands at 200NL and made about $100k by consistently 20 tabling!

Soooooo, WHY THE F*** CAN I NOT BEAT 50NL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Comments about My Intro - warrington player

Tyler Durden says:

17th of January 2011

Cos Your Shit

PXStevey says:

26th of January 2011

Hi, I'm new I would like to welcome all... :)

gay teen golden boys says:

4th of March 2011

Barking dogs never bite.

sarah says:

26th of July 2011

Poker night tomorrow at Tetley Walker club 7pm email if you would like tickets. Wolves players will be there also to play alongside x

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