Joining the farm in warrington

Jan. 10, 2011

Hey guys,

just a little information on how i started up playing poker an what has got me here today at the pokerfarm, warrington.

it was really just a laugh with my friends back home we'd have a few home games here an there,
nothing major...they introduced it to me at first..and i started to enjoy it alot.

Id then go on a few nights out and end up at the casino watching the lads play cash games...
i enjoyed watching so watched alot of poker videos online, and would go down a night a week an have a game...

i found myself taking home alot of cash here an there, and so went down maybe 4-5 nights a week..playing the tournys then going on to the cash games to play all the drunk fish an take there dough.

I then heard there was a whole different side to the game..when a fella said he was winning alot online!
i asked him a few questions about it..and set up my own accounts on ft and stars...

by the end of the month i had took down 2 daily doubles in back to back weeks for 1.2k each! an was really enjoying it!

id won a few live events by this time too and was earning a good profit from the game, even though my dad thought i was just fully gambling every night at the casino..but when i explained it too him..he understood that we werent just playing snap...and that the game has alot of skill involved.!

as i was playing online and live i started to know a few people in an around the poker community, and this is how i met tyler, the boss at warrington, i met him online through a friend and we started chatting..he explained he was opening a farm in warrington an asked me if i was interested.

straight away i jumped on the packed my bags! it took a while for me to finally get down here but now...iv been here 5 weeks or so!

first month, not great! was getting beat up at the tables, and was struggling to cope with HEM, which i hadnt even heard of before hand!

now im starting to get the jist of looking at the opponents in alot more detail and grinding back the money!

Such a great opputunity though and would reccomend it to any players out there who think theyve got it!


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