Intro - Heads up SNG

Jan. 5, 2011

Heads Up SNG 2011

Its probably best to tackle the introductions first. I'm Dan Morgan, a heads up SNG reg on iPoker playing under the name CaptainCalldown. I play mainly the $100 and $200 turbos, but higher if soft spots appear. I've played a decent amount of UK circuit live stuff aswell with mixed results. Yet to bink anything big but I'm happy with my edge in the long run playing £500 and £1k live events, just gotta try and fly on the right side of variance for a few days - if only it were that easy!

I've been playing with The Poker Farm on Will Hill for a while and since the site launch is coming up I thought I'd put myself forward as a blogger. I haven't really seen any regularly updated heads up SNG blogs around so maybe theres a gap in the market! Its definitely an interesting game and one that gets overlooked a bit I think. Heads up cash provides sexy nosebleed stakes action and MTTs provide the heroes binking 6 figure scores. While heads up SNGs lack these there is still money to be made and someones gotta (at least try to) take it so it might as well be me!

Right now I've got everything crossed that the flight backlog is going to clear so that I can catch my flight on the 29th to spend New Year in Amsterdam. I'd say its about a flip right now but the hotel is already paid for and non refundable so even if it takes a ridic train journey to do it I'm getting to Amsterdam for a massive NYE one way or another which means there are probably amusing updates to come

Didn't want to ramble much in the first post so I'll leave this one here and the next update will hopefully be from Amsterdam!

All the best

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