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Keys To The Kingdom - January Roundup

Feb. 1, 2011

First of all congrats to James Keys on finishing 2nd in the Aussie Millions Main Event for a cool $1.1m, was pretty disgustingly unlucky not to win it, the other guy held all in with A6 vs QJ on T8x and AQ vs KQhh on Th9hx to stay in it then got it in for pretty much the lot with K4 vs James' 73 on 753K and the guy binks a 4 on the river to win it.

I had 5% so the $55k makes January my biggest month by far and puts me comfortably rolled for the ipoker ...

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DTD Deepstack and Shot Taking

Jan. 13, 2011

Went to the £336 Deepstack at DTD in Nottingham this weekend with the intention of getting into the 5/10 cash game that runs there over that weekend. From what I've heard its a pretty soft spot so I was looking forward to getting involved. Unfortunately I managed to be first on the list for 2 days and didn't get in 'till Sunday but in the meantime managed to run uf £2.8k playing 2/5. The actual tournament itself went pretty standard, 5 or so levels in I run 99 into QQ vs a button 3bet over a super wide MP opener. ...

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A Great start

Jan. 6, 2011

So 2011 has started really well despite having a pretty gross -$2.8k day yesterday running $2.2k under EV. I'm still pretty amazed at the standard of play at $350s on iPoker. The fish are certainly worse than the standard $100 game fish. Its been volume all the way the last few days so I'm way ahead of pace for my volume goal of 1k games this month. I'm actually on pace for 1.7k games but with some live ventures I don't think I'll get too close to that.

One of my best mates from secondary school moved to ...

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Intro - Heads up SNG

Jan. 5, 2011

Heads Up SNG 2011

Its probably best to tackle the introductions first. I'm Dan Morgan, a heads up SNG reg on iPoker playing under the name CaptainCalldown. I play mainly the $100 and $200 turbos, but higher if soft spots appear. I've played a decent amount of UK circuit live stuff aswell with mixed results. Yet to bink anything big but I'm happy with my edge in the long run playing £500 and £1k live events, just gotta try and fly on the right side of variance for a few days - if only it were that easy!

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New Year and some Continental rungood

Jan. 5, 2011

As I mentioned at the end of the last blog I'm in Amsterdam for new year which has been really cool. The plan was to chill out and not really play any poker but over the course of the trip myself and Luke Fields (LFmagic on stars and tilt) have been crushing pretty hard. My effort:


Games: 227
Profit: $8575
Rakeback: $887
Avg. Buyin: $171
ROI: 22%

December was a bit of a rough month so its nice to get an $8.5k bankroll boost to be able to play $350s on a regular ...

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Monthly Swings

Dec. 3, 2010

So the month was super swingy as always. I'm running pretty good at the moment which is something I'm not normally accustomed to! I was down $1.2k, then up $300, then down $500 and now up $1.2k with the help of a few solid 100nl wins and a 50% investment in a 4th place in a $200k guaranteed.

I still can't seem to put in consistent wins at 100nl and find myself grinding back losses at 50nl. It's a confidence booster to be able to crush 50nl but at the same time a reminder that I need to manage ...

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