New Year and some Continental rungood

Jan. 5, 2011

As I mentioned at the end of the last blog I'm in Amsterdam for new year which has been really cool. The plan was to chill out and not really play any poker but over the course of the trip myself and Luke Fields (LFmagic on stars and tilt) have been crushing pretty hard. My effort:


Games: 227
Profit: $8575
Rakeback: $887
Avg. Buyin: $171
ROI: 22%

December was a bit of a rough month so its nice to get an $8.5k bankroll boost to be able to play $350s on a regular basis. The games have been super soft as they always are at this time of year with plenty of fish having time off work. I also ran pretty hot which is always appreciated! January 2010 was my biggest month at HUsngs ever and that came in at $14k so I'd be very happy if I can beat that.

I've only got one live event planned for January (DTD £300) so its gunna be a mega online grind and I'm going to attempt to play my biggest volume month ever by a long way. I'm looking to break 1,000 HU sngs which is pretty insane volume playing on a lower traffic network than stars or tilt so hopefully it goes well and the daily slog doesn't get too wearing. Theres a nice bonus cheque at the end of the volume rainbow anyway so theres another incentive to get on it!

I really wanted to keep away from doing the whole 'Goals for 2011' thing because where I'm at now it could really end anywhere. I could be here in a years time and be in pretty much the same financial situation with another years worth of run bad on the live circuit stories or I could be playing $5ks having binked an EPT so I'm just going to keep the goals as a monthly thing and take it from there. So here goes:

January Goals

Play 1000 HUsngs on ipoker
$8k profit before bonuses
Make the top 10 of the iPoker total profit leaderboard at the end of month

Have a rungood January


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