Brutal Times

April 19, 2011

Ok so Id been playing a few days a week at the empire by now and got to know a few of the faces,I just thought id have a rant about a few hands I just wrote this whole post and it didnt work, so this is the 2nd time im writting it.
the fist hand was against a reg who plays a bit weird.Im dealt QQs in the cut off utg raised to £10, he had been very active and opening alot from early pos, so I was no surprise when Hero 3bet him to £28, folds round to me and I 4Bet to £66 blinds fold and original raiser folds, Hero just flats...Id only 4bet hero with premiums this far and everytime he flatted me,flop comes Ah 8h 3c and he insta shoves, my immediate reaction was theres the A I better fold,but the more I thought about it the more it didnt make sense, Im very likely to have Ak or AQs which im never folding, but if i have KK QQ I guess he thought I had to fold, If he had a weak A he wouldnt just shove coz im either folding a hand with only 2 outs against him or im snapping with AK AQ etc and with only a pot sized bet left in stacks I called, He flips over 5h 10h... Heart on the turn to make me real happy
couple of hands later im dealt 7s8s 1 limper,Im on the button, raise to £8 bb an limper call, flop the world 5s 6d 9h bb checks limper donks for £20 i raise to £45 BB folds, limper shoves and turns over 78, happy days
somewhile later im in the SB its unopened, I make it £8 with AdQd BB 3bets to £22 and i flat, flop the world on K J 10 rainbow I donk for like £16 and he raises to £50, easy shove with the nuts and he calls his remaining £120 with KQ the turn comes K and the river comes J for his backdoor fullhouse,happy days
The last hand of the session was the last straw and it was against a drunk chinease ladyK9off in the BB seat 4 and 5  limp, lady on btn makes it £12, she'd raised every hand since I sat down,and I figuered K9 was ahead of her range,but if I 3bet shed prob 4bet jam with J6 off,so I flatted and the other 2 flatted,so pot was about £50 flop comes 4d 5d 9s We flop top pair but were 4 ways so I check as do the other 2,Lady bets £40,an easy flat for me and the other 2 come along, which I didnt expect, the Gin card comes on the turnoffsuit K so I check hoping that one of the other 2 try to steal or the lady bets again,seat 4 and 5 check and the lady bets £150 into about £190 and I know im winning so I shove £330 in the middle, the other 2 fold and the lady calls,"offsuit deuce" I shouted and there it was the 2s I flip over top 2 knowing i've won,and she slowly turns over her cards, 3 6 off for the nuts...Happy days, time to go home...   


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