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My Intro To Poker

June 28, 2011

I was first introduced to poker when I was about 8, on holiday with my family, we were playing cards and my dad was asked me if I wanted to learn how to play poker. He taught me 5 card draw and I still remember making a fullhouse in my first few hands and getting beat by quad queens.

I played every time I went on holiday from then on and when I was about 14 my mate told me about texas holdem and suggested having a home game.

We manage to get 5 of us together and played a ...

Some May Run Good.........

May 31, 2011

Finally some run good, I decided I was going to play shorter sessions in May, I played about 220 hours in April and broke even, probably one of the most stressful months ive had.

I didn't want that to happen again, so this month I played everyday until I was winning an amount I was happy with (anything above $200) or reached my loss limit and then I would stop for the day.

I managed to go 7 days without any loss, biggest winning day being $630 and the biggest loss being $400.

I was running good in 3-4 way ...

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April Swings

May 5, 2011

The first few days of April were OK I won $500 at 25 50 PLO relatively easily but the rest of the month wasn't so simple.

Around the 30,000 hand mark I had a horrible down swing I was still playing six two eight tables of 50 PLO

Within the space of a few days I went from +$650 to -$2300 which is a hell of alot to loose at 50PLO,My Ev was still well in the green so I wasnt too tilted but I had 6 days to make it back before the end of the month, which I ...

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No Limit Omaha!

April 22, 2011

sometimes there is a shortage of Plo tables on carbon and people seem to play on the Nlo tables, Id never played Nlo so I was interested to see the dynamics, and here is an example of what was going on...

$0.25/$0.50  OmahaMerge6 PlayersHand Conversion Powered by
Stacks:UTG  jackbleck $50.93 UTG+1  6789Ds $79.41 CO  shelly1513 $50.44 BTN  bluebrother $138.17 SB  SLOposum $73.26 BB  thehammer3 $49.17 
Pre-Flop: ($0.75, 6 players) 6789Ds is UTG+1 Qh 4d Kc Qdjackbleck calls $0.50, 6789Ds calls $0.50, 2 folds, SLOposum calls $0.25, thehammer3 checks
Flop: Qs Jh 6h ($154.67, 4 players)SLOposum checks, thehammer3 checks, jackbleck bets $1, 6789Ds goes ...

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Brutal Times

April 19, 2011

Ok so Id been playing a few days a week at the empire by now and got to know a few of the faces,I just thought id have a rant about a few hands I just wrote this whole post and it didnt work, so this is the 2nd time im writting it.
the fist hand was against a reg who plays a bit weird.Im dealt QQs in the cut off utg raised to £10, he had been very active and opening alot from early pos, so I was no surprise when Hero 3bet him to £28, folds round to ...

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