Pokerfarm Panda Intro

Dec. 3, 2010

Alright lads.

A quick introduction is in store I reckon.

My name is sheldon, I am the head trainer in the cape town office. I have been playing poker at the farm for about 2 years now, but been playing poker on our local sites for about 5 years.

-most people don’t know anything about our local sites, but they are probably the softest sites in the entire world.

I have a number of reasons for blogging, but my number one reason is to keep myself motivated to fulfill my goal. – that goal being to be a winning player for the farm. This is gonna be tough.

I have never been a grinder. i was kept at the farm because of ‘potential’ that I showed early on. Dave then left for costa rica and I was given the opportunity to be head trainer at the farm.

I was happy with this situation, cause I got to do what I love most – coach poker. However that situation has changed now. I feel that for me to be in a better position in the company, I need to be a bigger grinder for the company.

This now brings me to my goals as before mentioned:

Number one goal: Vegas.

How am I gonna get there? Be more like adam. Easy game.

A few intermediate goals. By june be doing atleast 80k hands a month.

Also, win tons.

The goals are some what difficult to reach, but I mean that’s what goals are for right? Set them high, try reach them.

Things I have to overcome; I am struggling for motivation to grind as I find that when I put a ton of effort into coaching during the day, then grinding is a luss and when I put no effort into coaching – well that’s just bad.

So, blog more, spew less, gogogogo

Peace and love

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