Forgive me Farmers, for I have sinned

Jan. 26, 2011

Today I have played bad.

I was well rested, felt good, won a bit yesterday etc. So I did what any sane, thinking poker player would do.

I flipped my monitor 90 degrees, Got Muse on again, Loaded up 8 tables – which fit nicely in a monitor on its side – and got going.

Immediate double up got me off to a good start. I had 3 absolute droolers playing at various points, two of them on the seat on my direct right. It was all set for an epic 2 hours.

Then I lost focus. Perhaps 8 tabling was too much. Perhaps I was dancing a bit too much (well, chair dancing that is!). Perhaps there is a full moon. I can't explain it.

It wasn't terrible, I wasn't doing anything stupid in big pots, but I was timing out, generally not paying enough attention to game flow, playing a bit passive.

I would have quit earlier if the value wasn't so good. I got it together in the end, won a few nice pots but am not proud of my play today. I think I’ll stick to 6 tables in the future.

I won $400 bucks. I didn't deserve to.

This blog post is my way of letting the poker gods know that I know.

And that matters. We have to be honest with ourselves in this game, as we do in life.

Now you know.

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2 Comments about Forgive me Farmers, for I have sinned

JammyJenny says:

30th of January 2011

good blog. have more regular breaks fella, you sound like a high-intensity player, without regular breaks (perk of smoking i guess), you wil put your brain under ridic stress. set alarms for 1hr ish periods. gl @ the tables.

Tony says:

10th of February 2011

Breaks aren't an issue with me. (ask my mentor!) I agree that a break every hour to hour and a half is good. I'm more concerned with playing my A-game as much as possible. Tommy Angelo mentions that any deviation from our A Game can be considered tilt and i tend to agree. I'm pretty harsh on myself tho :)

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