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Penny Up The Wall

May 7, 2011

Whilst on my way to get a train I noticed a few kids playing penny up the wall. This is a very simple gambling game, where two or more players throw a coin and the nearest to the wall wins. There are obviously some rule variants to this; some people disallow hitting the wall for example.

This put a huge smile on my face as I recollected my hustling ability at the ripe old age of 12. Penny up the wall was the new craze in the playground. The nits played for 5 pence, the serious hustlers would play for ...

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I played with Bordy!!!

April 27, 2011

(…..Thats what she said!

My regular Round Of Each game featured none other than WSOPE Main Event champion James Bord, who had popped back to the UK for a couple of weeks before flying out to Macau. Suffice to say a £5/5 game is probably a little too small for Bordy nowadays and things started with a blind raise UTG; the chips went in, and Bordy won the hand.

This set a pattern for the rest of the afternoon as he smashed the table up left right and centre to walk away around £8k up for the session. I felt ...

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Computer says no!

March 22, 2011

Computer says no!


Hi all, I’ve had a bit of an extended break from online poker.


When I say 'extended break' what I actually mean is that I keep doing my pieces online and am pretty sick of it.


My flatmates were both concerned with my lack of concentration whilst playing online and told me so. I realised they were correct and made sure to be in the right frame of mind for playing good.


Its so easy to go on auto-pilot mode when playing online – and especially when you aren't running too good. Of ...

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Nottingham Tales - Cash Games

March 3, 2011

Well having busted the main shortly after the dinner break; I set about attempting to get into a cash game.

This was easier said than done on the Friday night, as a £100 tourney had kicked off. There were a few tables going, mainly £1/2 NLH, but the lists were the longest I've ever seen and no new tables were starting.

I stuck around for a while chatting with fellow bustees and those who were saving their bust for day 1b. There were rumours of heading out for James Keys celebratory drinks (I don't know him personally but know enough ...

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Nottingham Tales – The Tournament

Feb. 21, 2011

I've not blogged in a while as there has been a slight problem with one of pokerfarms clients. I've barely played online this month; in part due to that, partly due to other commitments.

I did however find time to go up to Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham for the UKIPT main event, and a bit of live cash.

I've always enjoyed going on the road to play live. It seems to inspire me to get good volume in and I seem to consistently play my A-game. I'm sure much of this is psychological but I seem to post good ...

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Super Sunday, Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday

Feb. 8, 2011

Sunday was, as last time, super. Another +$1k day, although it was a shortish session of 500 hands. The deck happened to hit me like a slice of pizza in an Old Trafford tunnel.

I was happy enough with my pre-flop stats – VPIP of 29, PFR of 18 and 3bet % of 10.

The 3bet is a little high for my personal style but it is something I’m aware is fine to increase. That said, I kept getting tiptop pre-flop hands . Obviously I  ran hot too, although I coolered the hell out of all my opponents rather than ...

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Forgive me Farmers, for I have sinned

Jan. 26, 2011

Today I have played bad.

I was well rested, felt good, won a bit yesterday etc. So I did what any sane, thinking poker player would do.

I flipped my monitor 90 degrees, Got Muse on again, Loaded up 8 tables – which fit nicely in a monitor on its side – and got going.

Immediate double up got me off to a good start. I had 3 absolute droolers playing at various points, two of them on the seat on my direct right. It was all set for an epic 2 hours.

Then I lost focus. Perhaps 8 tabling ...

Finally some good news

Jan. 23, 2011

It feels like its turning round now. Having continued my nightmare into January I got on a new site for the farm.

Maybe its psychological; maybe its the speed of action, maybe the games are suited better. At the moment I really don't have any idea why; but I’m winning!

I've decided this post will work better if I actually delve a bit more into my own mindset over the next few days.


Having not slept at all on Saturday night, lost a few hundred playing live and then actually booked a small win on another site I realised ...

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Still Running Bad

Jan. 10, 2011

Hi all, I'm still waiting on the “I've got out of it” post.... Instead you get a “oh my god I run so bad I can;t believe this is happening to me again” post! This is an edit from an email I sent, followed by some comments of my own:

Overall I am roughly -$6.6k for Pokerfarm; I have barely had a string of winning sessions - Which even if I were a slight losing player is unlikely.

I have a ton of experience, I have made money every year i have played poker and ...

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Happy new year.... and all that Jazz

Jan. 4, 2011

Hi all – This is not the 'oh my god I have got it all back' blog post I had hoped for. Its actually a hand that took place against a fellow pokerfarmer on the PLO tables.

Take a look at the Hand History here:

The player in question decided to have a go at me in chat regarding the river call. Now its no excuse but I've had a terrible start for Pokerfarm and can do nothing but lose money at the moment, Normally I don't react at all to chat but this time I ...

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