Super Sunday, Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday

Feb. 8, 2011

Sunday was, as last time, super. Another +$1k day, although it was a shortish session of 500 hands. The deck happened to hit me like a slice of pizza in an Old Trafford tunnel.

I was happy enough with my pre-flop stats – VPIP of 29, PFR of 18 and 3bet % of 10.

The 3bet is a little high for my personal style but it is something I’m aware is fine to increase. That said, I kept getting tiptop pre-flop hands . Obviously I  ran hot too, although I coolered the hell out of all my opponents rather than outdrawing them in the 50/50 flips or 60/40 coups that are the mainstay of PLO.

I've made a pact with myself to ignore the EV stats on my holdem manager so ignore the next line please. I ran 'only' 20% above EV (compared to normally running like 80% below!)

 Tuesday. One word. Sigh.

Stats were similar to Sunday. 3Bet was down to 7.5 but that’s fine. Given I’m not interested in EV any more; its totally redundant to say that I ran 1200 below EV to end up 800 in the red for the day.

I am proud of my play however; I stuck it out even though things weren't going my way and managed to play to a high level over both sessions. I 'should' have made $1300 over those few days, instead I 'only' made $450. Not too shabby for a few hours work but frustrating nevertheless.

BUT – This is not a moan (I’m done with that too). I'm quite happy with my play recently. I can certainly do with a bit more analysis and, as ever, higher volume, but is all good.

I will be reiterating this for everyones sake, most of all my own; the positive mindset is a must and can only lead to good things!

Sorry I cheated you out of the Monday section. There simply isn't much to tell but it makes the title of this post that little bit snappier.

Happy Chinese New Year!



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1 Comment about Super Sunday, Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday

Abel says:

23rd of February 2011

sanday are holiday so i will go theater. monday is boring. good luck

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