Jungleman Challenges The World

Oct. 27, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

Jungleman Challenges The World

High Stakes poker player Daniel Cates, also known as Jungleman, has issued an open challenge to the poker world to be completed next month at the Prague Poker Festival .  Cates will play heads-up poker against the first challenger at stakes of 200-400 euros, with a minimum sit-down of 100,000 euros.  The match will be played on December 6th , the day after the live stream of the WPT Prague, and streamed on the internet on a fifteen-minute delay with hole cards revealed exclusively at Thepokerfarm.com .

Asked why he’s chosen to issue this challenge, Cates responded, “I’m sick and tired of all the negative publicity the game of poker has received in the past few months.  As someone who loves the game, I think the poker world deserves to know who the best poker player on the planet is.  I’m confident that it’s me.  If anyone has the nerve to take me on, let them come to Prague in December and sit down across from me at the table.” 

Cates is rumored to be the biggest winner in the history of internet poker, with some websites reporting his total profit at over $7 million, most of this coming in the discipline of heads-up No Limit Hold’em.  Last year Cates undertook the Durrrr Challenge, an open challenge issued by Tom Dwan to the poker community that was to consist of 50,000 hands of heads-up play on the internet.  Though the match was never completed, Cates was substantially ahead of Dwan when play was suspended.  Asked if his new challenge is directed at Dwan, Cates said, “This is not about the past.  I don’t run away from something once I start it.  And there is no person alive who I will refuse this offer to play me.”

The betting exchange site Matchbook.com will be offering betting markets on the challenge.  A Matchbook.com spokesman said, “There has already been substantial interest in this challenge, even without knowing who Jungleman’s opponent might be.  Cates has very little experience playing live and he has never played in front of cameras with his hole cards revealed.  There are people out there who think he cannot possibly win without his computer screen!”

The match will call for an initial buy-in of 100,000 euros.  Re-buys will be allowed for an initial period of play, with the winner to be determined either by the player who is ahead after the predetermined time period or when the losing player gives up the game.  Any interested parties should contact to reserve their spot.  Cates has declared no serious inquiries will be refused.  “Nobody can beat me, and I’m more than prepared to put my money where my mouth is.” 

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Matchbook.com is a betting exchange which has been in operation since 2004. In early 2011, Matchbook came under new ownership which brought financial backing and human resources which has given it the ability to realize its phenomenal global potential. Matchbook's business model of offering the best odds and lowest commission will soon revolutionize the way people bet and trade sports.

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7 Comments about Jungleman Challenges The World

4bet_bluff says:

27th of October 2011

"Cates is rumored to be the biggest winner in the history of internet poker, with some websites reporting his total profit at over $7 million" is this a joke? how on earth could a website called 'thepokerfarm' be so uneducated about online poker?? do yall even look this stuff up before you write it? http://www.highstakesdb.com/profiles/Phil+Ivey.aspx here is phil ivey up almost 20 million online since 2007 and he made at least that much if not more before that. and he is just one of many who have made more than Cates has. Cates is a great player and likely the best hu nl player in the world but a seriously far cry from the best poker player in the world. there are hundreds of guys that could rape him at any game besides hunl. Cates is a joker for saying that andthis website is a joke for posting something so absurd.

Luke says:

27th of October 2011

How can you just flat out lie about Cates being biggest winner in online poker? Ivey has made almost 3 times as much as him and Antonius has made over double (if you put together all of his accounts)

James says:

28th of October 2011

Can I ask where this challenge was previously advertised to merit the comment from matchbook: "There has already been substantial interest in this challenge, even without knowing who Jungleman’s opponent might be"

Jason says:

28th of October 2011

Seems to be getting some harsh treatment for what could end up being a really interesting game to watch. I'm looking forward to it.

The Pokerfarm says:

29th of October 2011

This Challenge had not previously been advertised anywhere in regards to the comments from Matchbook, however when this challenge was bought to light and discussed at the WSOPE In Cannes, alongside Matchbook who will be an official sponsor for this event they quickly received positive feedback and interest from certain high profile players about taking part and also in what sort of markets and price Matchbook will be offering on the match.

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4th of January 2012

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