News Update: April 18th, 2012

April 18, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: April 18th, 2012

In today's news update we check out PokerStars' beef with PTR, hear about developments at Full Tilt and listen to Daniel Negreanu rant. 

‘Stars Take on PTR

PokerStars are taking the fight to Poker Table Ratings after filing a lawsuit against the company. Lee Jones, Head of Home Games, at ‘Stars, said that this was not an “idle threat” and that they have: “assembled a team of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions to follow up.”

PTR currently collects, publishes and sells statistical data on online players but many online poker sites and players think it should be stopped. Indeed, the recent action by PokerStars is likely to be met with praise from many in the industry.

The cease and desist letters sent to PTR from PokerStars looks to be the first step in a full legal lawsuit to end the data mining site’s activities.

lee jones

Is Full Tilt to Return?

Full Tilt could be on the brink of a return as a number of events seem to be suggesting that there is new life in the company. The first positive sign came a few weeks ago in the form of a series of job adverts by Pocket Kings.

In the last week two new companies have set up residence in Ireland and Malta. “New Full Tilt Ltd” is headed by Laurent Tapie and came into existence on April 11th. The same company name was also registered in Malta along with “Full Tilt Holding Ltd.”

The final breakthrough came in the form of a suspected server test by Some players have reported that they’ve received 411 messages when trying to load the site.

While none of this actually confirms that Full Tilt is back in business, it does seem provide at least a glimmer of hope.


Negreanu Rants

He hates Annie Duke and if you needed any more proof then just check out Daniel Negreanu’s latest vlog. For at least 5 minutes Daniel sticks it to Annie, questioning her integrity and calling her a cockroach at every opportunity.

Hi weekly rant isn’t all negative, though. He also takes some time to praise some of the poker industry’s most successful female players including Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree.


Side Action

When you’re not at the poker then what do you do to fill your time? Well, for some players, it seems they make poker related songs. The latest lyrical offering about our beautiful game comes from Sonny Caine and DRybes.

New Sunday Poker Song 

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sammy says:

11th of May 2012

Is it cynical to counter argue pokerstars is NOT looking after the interests of players, because that data mining software is not exclusively available (so no advantage) and is available to anyone who plays poker regularly. Like any tradesman, you use appropriate tools to help your job. Secondly, i have yet to see Pokerstars publicly say “they” have caught any BOTS or colluding players… is always players themselves and sites like PTR that reveal the bots and ONLY THEN does pokerstars react. So can we naturally now assume all the criminal syndicates/groups will now return enmass to pokerstars with pokerstars managements approval to fleece both casual and regular players?? Welcome to the new age of BOTS where much like other industries, computers will replace people. ie giving an HUUGE advantage to those in high end computer sciences and crime gangs that can afford sophisticated BOTS. And without 3rd party monitoring, expect more of this to go on now. Well done pokerstars, I leavein

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