News Update: April 9th, 2012

April 9, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: April 9th, 2012

In today’s news update we talk Zoom Poker, check out the latest antics at Party Poker’s Premier League and hear why Phil Hellmuth has considered taking drugs.

Zoom Races Onwards

PokerStars' Zoom Poker entered another gear over the weekend as the site introduced the first $2.50/$5 games in their history.

Having initially launched Zoom at their micro stakes games, PokerStars soon upped the ante and offered the game up to a maximum of $100 NL. Now, after much discussion, that had been increased but not in the usual way.

With regulars worried about Zoom affecting the liquidity of games at the mid stakes ($200 to $1,000 NL games), ‘Stars have decided to introduce $500 buy-in games.

It’s hoped that these games will attract less players than the $2/$4 games but still provide enough of an appeal to $3/$6 regulars.

Since launched their own version of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker, PokerStars have enjoyed a positive response. Indeed, the move has once again shown why they are one of the top online poker sites in the world.

zoom poker


Tony’s Poker Party

The Party Poker Premier League has been in full swing since Wednesday and one player who has certainly been enjoying himself is Tony G. The feisty Lithuanian has been busy taking down pots and causing havoc backstage.

Having taken down Group A’s second heat the “G Man” managed to bag himself a total of 30 points and qualify for today’s final round.

It’s not all been about Tony though, indeed, Matthew Frankland has had a storming run so far after topping group A with 40 points. Also qualifying for the finale from Group A is Sam Trickett who earned 33 points.

Group B is set to finish its final heat later today when any one of 6 players could make it to the final.


Hellmuth Talks Drugs and Poker

Some would say that if there was ever a candidate who needed the help of mental game expert Jared Tendler it is Phil Hellmuth.

The combustible pro is known for his blow ups but it seems he’s also prone to lapses in concentration whilst at the felt. Indeed, in a recent interview with Jared, Hellmuth admitted that he’s considered taking Adderall to help him focus.

After 58 minutes of discussion Jared eventually talked Phil out of the decision. He also delved a little into Hellmuth’s current approach to poker, uncovering that he’s not been working on his game very much in recent months.

For anyone wanting a better insight into Phil Hellmuth or the mental game of poker this is well worth a listen.


Side Action

Why is Phil Hellmuth a prime candidate for a mental game assessment by Jared Tendler? Probably for reactions like this:

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