High Stakes Poker finale

May 24, 2011, Posted by Pokerfarm

High Stakes Poker finale

High Stakes Poker season 7 concluded last weekend with Johnny Chan winning the headlines as he cleaned up, winning big pots against Phil "OMGClayAiken" and Eric "Rolex" Boneta, whilst Phil Laak received plaudits for impressive fold after impressive fold.

I haz pair, I will not fold

The show kicked off with a double straddled hand, which would set precedence for the remainder of the season finale.

After Barry Greenstein and Bill Klein had straddled and restraddled respectively, the action folded to Johnny Chan on the button who decided to call and play a pot in position with Kc Qs, Phil Galfond had other ideas and made it $13,000 with Kh4h, the straddlers got out the way and Chan flicked in the call. Chan called $13,500 on the 10s Qh 8s and seemed reluctant to fold his top pair on the 5s turn as he called another barrel from Galfond, this time to the tune of $36,000.

The river was the Jc bringing 4 to a straight on the board and a potentially good bluffing card for Galfond's airball. However he decided to check and Chan was happy to go to showdown as he collected the first big pot of the night.

Galfond told the table he should have bet the river card before Chan telling Galfond he wasn't going to fold and that he thought he had "seven something" one of the few hands he could actually beat.

Zeebo proven wrong!

One of the most impressive plays of the season came from Phil Laak. Did he cold 6bet Galfond I hear you ask? Nope. Did he call the river against Negreanu with 10 high? Nope, he folded a full house. Pardon?

It all started with Negreanu opening to $2500 with 8c 6c, Laak called out of position with 7d 7s and Chan followed suit making it three way to the flop with Ad Js. The Ah Qs 7c flop was a favorable one for Laak who decided to check. Unfortunately for the Unibomber there was little action and he decided to lead out on the Jd turn for $7,000. Chan called and Negreanu made the easy fold.

The Ac popped up on the river and Laak once again led, this time to the tune of $16,400 with an underfullhouse. At this time Laak was stuck in the game and had already made some impressive folds, surely this was time for him to get felted. Chan picked up some high denomination chips before making it $46,000. Laak famous for his "so sick" speeches and dances around the table, decided against hugging Johnny Chan telling him he is the sickest and offering him £5.00 to see one card and folded in a blink of a second. Laak surprisingly told the table that he was bluffing and missed his draw and carried on with the game as if the hand had never happened, disproving Capt Zeebo's theorem that people can't fold full houses on one street.

A big pot to finish a not so big season

Another straddled pot and Boneta decided to limp in the 1 hole with Ks Qs, Laak, Galfond and Chan called the $1600 before Negreanu decided to punish the limpers with a raise to $9100 seemingly spotting weakness. "Rolex" and "Laak" both decided to call and Chan back-raised to $30,100 with As Ad setting the perfect trap with the pre flop limp seemingly making him an extra $30,000. Negreanu reluctantly folded before Bonneta and Laak called to try and outflop the Oriental Express.

The flop came down 2h 5d 6c, without hesitation Chan threw in $45,000. Rolex didn't think for long before moving in for $207,300, Laak folded and Chan insta-called and was a huge favorite to win the $516,400 pot. Rolex said he was trying to rep a set and they decided to run it three times. Rolex bricked every board and Chan raked in the huge pot.

And the fat lady sang for the 7th time. Will High Stakes be back on American TV? After Black Friday marketing in the US may not be at the top of the priority list for poker room chiefs and it may be to the detriment of poker fans around the globe.

Final Chip Counts for season finale

Seat 1 Johnny Chan $794,900 +$594,900

Seat 2 Phil Galfond $205,600 +$5,600

Seat 3 Daniel Negreanu $169,300 -$30,700

Seat 4 Eric "Rolex" Boneta $376,400 -$123,800

Seat 5 Barry Greenstein $198,000 -$2,000

Seat 6 Bill Klein $451,000 -$49,000

Seat 7 Doyle Brunson $201,600 -$198,400

Seat 8 Phil Laak $145,600 +$54,400

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