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Brandon Adams yesterday handed over $30,000 to Patrik Antonius after being destroyed 6-0 and 6-1 in a tennis match in Vegas. Yes you are reading correctly, this is a tennis article. Yes that Patrik Antonius. What? You didn’t know that he was tipped to be a Wimbledon Champion when he was 13? It all started out last year on Poker After Dark. Words were thrown across the table and a bet was made.

The flying athletic Finn vs the geeky Harvard game theory lecturer. What’s the catch I hear you shout? 10-1. Antonius offered Adams 10-1 that he could beat him in a two set tennis match. Adams had 6 months to prepare and got a personal tennis coach and rather than practicing floating and cold 4betting, Adams started working on his swerve and volley.

Prior to the game Adams seemed surprisingly optimistic. “I’m pretty nervous. And Patrick is good. His game is sharp. My strategy is to counterpunch. I have a pretty good game. I can attack, but today I’m just gonna lay low and try not to miss.” A celebrity crowd including Melanie Weisner (obv only there to see Antonius in shorts) got there early but were very quiet in comparison to our recent PokerFarm rails.

Antonius got to work early and after demolishing Adams 6-0 in the first set, he eased to victory in the 6-1 second set and received $30,000 for his troubles – same as the tthird round losers at Wimbledon next week! Not a bad hourly I guess. After the game Adams gave his post match verdict on his Twitter account. “No mental game vs Patrik. We both started v tight. He got rolling and loosened up; I just got tighter and tighter.”

“My mental state was the opposite of flow. All of the thoughts I’ve had about the match in the last 7 months flooded in.”

“I should have played more high pressure matches. Match play for money is like a different game; I’m not used to playing when juiced up" said Adams.

Antonius and Adams, both yet to capture a bracelet will be looking to get gold this summer at the WSOP  - Don't forget to check out Matchbook for the very latest WSOP betting and maybe you can snag a few bucks betting on Antonius to win at the tables. 


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