Isildur - Lord of the Ring Games

Nov. 17, 2011, Posted by Mr.__Feft

Isildur - Lord of the Ring Games

Mr. Feft is a former employee of Full Tilt (Feft).  Over the next few weeks, he will be telling his stories about Full Tilt and the online poker industry. Mr Feft wishes to remain anonymous.

It was November and snowing heavily outside Tilt HQ. Both myself and 'Big-Bird' were shooting the breeze over a cigarette when a couple of Security guys joined us in the smoking area. "Did you see the size of that fucking pot"? They  seemed really excited about a new high stakes player on the site called Isildur. By the following week everyone in the office knew the name Isildur. At first we thought it was a publicity stunt. First Durrrr get signed as a red pro then the next week Isildur appears. Our poker playing friends were begging us to disclose his true identity but we took delight in keeping quiet.

Night after night we railed him through the highs and lows, ups and downs, ohhhs and ahhhs. I'm sure it was the most viewed account in the office. Is it any wonder we didn't get a chance to respond to players emails?!! As the forums began to light up with appreciation threads we were getting tons of new player signups daily. People were signing up just to watch the action! Isildur had just turned 18 years old and had $7 million in his account at one stage..Must have been nice! After a short time some strange notes began to appear on his account. "All correspondence to be routed to Security Management". "Player under review for account sharing."

He frequently had his account locked down due to a "Security Review". He had received warnings for account sharing with TKORampage among others. The Security guys told us that Viktor was getting away with murder. Any other player would have been banned for similar antics but he was a high value player so management decided to 'turn a blind eye'.

When the Cardrunner Boys finally busted him we were shocked that Security had let them off so lightly. Some serious questions needed to be asked.

1) Why did CR get off so lightly considering a direct breach of site terms?

Because alienating a superaffiliate didn't make sense. All they did was share data, right?
At least they weren't account sharing.

2) Why did Viktor not pursue the matter with FTP considering his losses due to cheating? And if he may have not wanted to reveal his identity, once he was outed at the PCA why did he not pursue the matter then?

He knew that any investigation may dig up more dirt. It was like the scene in the hit movie 'Men in Black' when people are asked to look at the pen, it was an event that never happened.

3) So who knew about all of this tomfoolery any turned a blind eye to it?

Everyone who had access to Blom’s account could see his account notes, from us lowly customer service guys to cashier & fraud, security agents, security management and right up to Bitar. Hell, I even think some lobster in the canteen knew that Blom was multiaccounting!

As Orwell once famously said: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"...  Indeed!

--Mr. Feft


ThePoker Farm makes no claim as to the accuracy of these stories.   However, we believe that the author was in a position to know about what he is writing, and so present his story unfiltered.

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