Revisiting My Top 30 Poker Cities

Jan. 12, 2012, Posted by Brandon.Adams

Revisiting My Top 30 Poker Cities

Based on feedback from email, Twitter, and twoplustwo, I’m making revisions to my list of the top thirty poker cities.  Again, I’m restricting attention to big bet games with buy-ins over $500, and I’m awarding minor bonus points for the presence of very big games. 

1.  Las Vegas.  For at least two months of the year, Vegas completely dominates the poker calendar, such that big games in almost every other city disappear.

2.  Los Angeles

3.  Macau

4.  Miami/Lauderdale

5.  New York City

6.  London

7.  Atlantic City, NJ

8.   Chicago/Hammond

9.   Philadelphia, PA

10. Calgary, Canada

11.  Biloxi, MS

12.  Houston, TX

13.  Ledyard, CT (Foxwoods)

14.  San Diego, CA

15.  Paris, France

16.  San Francisco/San Jose

17.  Pompano/West Palm Beach, FL

18.  Vancouver, Canada

19.  Tampa, FL

20.  New Orleans, LA

21.  Melbourne, AU

22.  Vienna/Baden

23.  Temecula Valley, CA

24.  Tunica, MS

25.  Kansas City, KS. 

26.  Dallas, TX

27.  Lafayette, LA

28.  Montreal, Canada

29.  Dublin, Ireland

30.  Murrakech, Morocco

Originally from New Orleans, Brandon Adams entered the Doctorate in Business Administration program at Harvard Business School in 2001 (he went ABD in May 2004).  Brandon taught eighteen courses at Harvard, including twelve sections of “Behavioral Finance” and two sections of “Fun and Games” (game theory).  Most recently, he taught four sections of “The US in the World Economy,"in 2009 and 2010. 

He’s been a regular in the biggest poker games held over the past five years.  He's played on High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark, and numerous other televised cash games and tournaments.  Adams is the author of the self-published Broke: A Poker Novel.  He is also the Founder of, a digital business that uses the internet’s sweet spot – disintermediation – to connect experts in all fields with those who need consultation services.

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PokerReader says:

13th of January 2012

I don't understand why you would change YOUR top poker cities based off of OTHERS opinions. You are a writer and this is your forum. Are you going to change your opinion every time someone disagrees with it? If so, your opinion is worthless and so must be your articles. You can simply fix this by changing the title to " readers top 30 poker cities."

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