My lame attempt to blog

Jan. 17, 2011

This is 20nlftw's blog never done this before so sorry for referring to myself in the third person and sorry if its shit. I started playing poker for the farm nearly 2 years ago with no idea of the journey it would take me on (strip clubs galore).
started playing micro stakes before grinding my way up to the dizzy heights of 200nl and once there finding out i had vertigo, actually just found i was crap at poker and needed to improve big time and quickly. the main problem with finding out your crap is the amount of time it takes to admit it, and then starting the rigorous process of making the change. Starting to improve and get some game back and hopefully put in some hard work which will be rewarded in the long run.

Still not all bad (could be lula on the balcony) the pokerfarm have sent me around the world this year and currently living in what is commonly known as The Palace, in costa rica with the brady bunch. Gave some serious thought as to quitting it all and just stealing money off degen and larapicha owning their souls at pool. Hopefully i will bink something big this year like the lottery and then i will blog again, untill then fuck EV!!! peace up A town down.

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5 Comments about My lame attempt to blog

WTFisfolding says:

18th of January 2011

Craig good blog but your right. You are shit at poker.

Craig_Cole says:

12th of February 2011

I am only losing 2k this month, so I am on target

searsestape says:

31st of March 2011

Ready to discuss on the topic?

sms says:

16th of April 2011

It is such a pleasure to tell you that entire topics what you have talked about above, will be helping me every so often. The suggestions and writing of this article is going to be proved as an excellent guideline for those who are trying to start their writing career.And yes i have book mark your site .

72OffSuit says:

12th of November 2011

Nah I lost a lot of money before I figure it out. Don't worry! This article is a great way of us bloggers to start writing about our gambling habits!

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