Welcome to The Poker Farm

Oct. 16, 2011, Posted by Jesse_May

Welcome to The Poker Farm

Welcome to the new Poker Farm website.  I have recently taken on the role as new content editor for the Poker Farm.  I spent this summer in Las Vegas getting to know who and what the Poker Farm is about, and I’m excited to be a part of this team and this cog in the future of poker. 

My brief and my goal is to implement a new vision in poker content.  Some of the changes to the site are immediately apparent, and others will be coming soon.    

One thing I hope will give this site its voice is opinions.  I want them from all sides, unfiltered and unrestrained.  To that end we have started up an Opinion pages section, akin to any mainstream newspaper.  I’m excited about the level and breadth of talent that are on board so far.  High stakes poker player Brandon Adams might be called outspoken and controversial, but he brings a wealth of intelligence and reasoning to every word he writes.  Rick Dacey is one of the most prolific and respected poker journalists in the trenches today, and Jeff Kimber is a former broadsheet writer turned poker pro who thankfully always has an axe to grind.

We will be bringing on more Opinion columnists as time goes on, and if I have my way not a single one of them will agree with me.  I look forward to all of us arguing about poker’s past, future, and current state of flux.  In addition we want opinions from every ledge and cave in the poker world and are willing to pay for the privilege.  Submit your opinion to and get paid $30 for every letter we print, and we will be printing plenty.  Rant ahoy.

There’s a great roster of poker pros associated with the Poker Farm.  Visit our player profiles and pro blogs section, where Sam Trickett, Roberto Romanello, and others will be keeping up to date with their lives and travels.  This site is lucky to be associated with many of the top players in the world today and we intend to take advantage.

In my mind, when players want to talk strategy today they talk about hands, and our stategy section Talking Hands is simply that.  Interesting hands, both live and online, talked through by our pros and grinders and featured guests.

Also stay up to date with This Week in Poker, hosted by the riotous if occasionally rude, off the wall, or just plain out of control Rury Mason, who brings his slant to the poker world at large along with straight up facts.

Right now The Poker Farm website is a Petri Dish.  Let’s see what kind of volatile mess we can make it happen. 

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David Hicks says:

16th of October 2011

Looking forward the Good,Bad and Ugly views of the Pundits You're going to get mine! Who or what shakk i start with? mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

David Hicks says:

16th of October 2011

Yes I Shall...

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