News Update: April 23rd, 2012

April 23, 2012, Posted by Daniel.Smyth

News Update: April 23rd, 2012

In today's news update celebrate David Kitai's Triple Crown, find out where Daniel Tzvetkoff's been hiding and get the latest on PTR vs. PokerStars. 

Kitai Claims Triple Crown

David Kitai became the fifth person to claim poker’s coveted Triple Crown at the weekend after taking down the EPT Berlin title.

The Canadian pro battled his way through a tough field to defeat Andrew Chen in the final heads-up battle. Not only did the win furnish him with €712,000 but he captured the honour of becoming the first Triple Crown winner on EPT soil.

Kitai’s winning hand occurred when he made a huge call on the river with just a pair of fives. As it transpired his decision was correct and he scooped the rest of Chen’s chips.


Tzvetkoff Spotted

Poker super grass, Daniel Tzvetkoff, has been spotted recently in New York City’s Chinatown. The former head of payment processing firm, Intabill, has been in hiding in the city since his arrest by the DOJ.

Have allegedly supplied over 90,000 documents to the courts to aid the prosecution of people such as John Campos and Chad Elie, Tzvetkoff has been keeping a low profile in recent months.

His cover was blown over the weekend though by Australian newspaper: The Courier-Mail. One of their reporters spotted the 29 year old and took the opportunity to approach him.

Upon initial interrogation Tzvetkoff denied his identity, saying: “No that’s not me.” He then went on to tell the paper’s representative: “Look, you're going to get in a lot of trouble. There are people with us who you're going to be in trouble with.”

Following the incident Tzvetkoff fled the scene with his family in the back of a New York taxi.


GSOP Finale

The GSOP Grand Final kicked off today in sunny Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. A strong field of pros and qualifiers have made the trip to the 5-star all-inclusive resort to battle for the $140,000+ top prize.

For exclusive interviews check out WPT Magazine’s live blog.


Down but Not Out

Poker Table Ratings might have had their feathers ruffled by PokerStars last week but they certainly aren’t letting that stop their operation.

In a recent blog post entitled: Positive Changes Coming to PTR, they announced that they are working to adjust their site in order to comply with PokerStars’ requests. The main change they are striving to make is to offer an opt-in system for those who player on PokerStars.

This will mean that people can choose whether or not to allow PTR to publish statistical data about them. Commenting on the innovation, a PTR representative said: “we’re not quite ready to unveil this new feature to the public yet" but, "the recent action taken by Stars has forced us to kick this project into high gear.”


Side Action

It’s always good to end on a song and today we bring you the latest poker ditty to hit the scene. Enjoy. 

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